If you had to suggest a Tattoo for me based on what you know of me from my blog, what would it be?

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Evans was even more tight-lipped about the sequel, but he did promise that the script exceeded his already-lofty expectations. “It’s a tough balance for Marvel to orchestrate these independent franchises while still dipping into the Avengers pool,” he said. “But the script is so good.” Yet it quickly became clear that Captain America 3 is the project he’s most excited to begin work on.

“I just love the relationship with Bucky, the Winter Soldier [Sebastian Stan],” Evans said. “Cap’s this wildly selfless man who is going through a very traumatic experience and determined not to bleed on anybody but challenged with such a conflicting hurdle. It’s this really beautiful dichotomy of trying to be strong and selfless, but at the same time, facing this real personal challenge.”

He added, “This is so personal for Cap, who has had to adjust to modern times; not just with tech shock and how society operates, but with the fact he’s been alone. He had no connection to anyone from his life when he was suddenly slammed with this relationship from his past, and seeing that evolve and come to fruition will be very exciting.”(x)


*breathing into a paper bag*

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It’s Soldier Law, both of them are veterans coming home from war having loved a fellow soldier, and lost him in battle. Anthony Mackie (on what brings Cap and Falcon to a partnership)

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