Winter Soldier talk, I’m sure this doesn’t make much sense.

Okay okay, so, yes, while I gush about how amusing it is to see Sebastian trying so hard not to get annoyed when people refer to Bucky as the villain, in the way that you can see he tries so hard to be polite in his replies; it annoys me so much when people do it, so here is a rant because I’m so annoyed, as a fan, as a film student, and.. just…

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I’ve agreed to go out tonight and I really don’t want to.

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I have elected to spend as much time as is required, until a premiere/con that requires it, to create a Female Winter Soldier costume for myself. 

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Okay, so, despite the fact I hate going out out (y’know, pubs, clubs), I have agreed to go out on Friday to see friends before I leave. Which is making the whole moving-to-america thing even more real.

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nothings worse than passing up an opportunity you know you would’ve enjoyed because of the fear of being judged

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